The 10 Highest-Paid Sports Teams In The World

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The New York Yankees aren’t the only team on the planet that shells out mountains of cash to their superstar players.ESPN The Magazine just published its annual “Money Issue” that includes a survey of the highest team salaries in all of sports — from soccer to basketball to cricket.

The numbers were compiled by, who ranked more than 200 pro teams based on the average annual salary per player.

The survey accounts for 272 teams spanning 14 leagues, 10 countries, and seven sports. (Soccer, football, baseball, basketball, cricket, ice hockey, and Aussie rules football.) It’s base salaries only; bonuses, endorsements, and other sources of additional compensation are all excluded.

The 7,802 first-team athletes will earn about $15.2 billion in total wages for the year.

Teams unhindered by salary caps are predictably at the top, but despite individual player limits and a soft cap for team salary, some NBA starting lineups earn massive averages.

#10: Manchester City -- $5,863,585 (average annual salary per first-team player)

League: Premier League (England)

Highest paid player: Carlos Tevez -- $11.5 million (£7.0 million)

#9: Denver Nuggets -- $5,990,174

League: NBA

Highest paid player: Kenyon Martin -- $16.5 million

#8: Boston Red Sox -- $5,991,203

League: MLB

Highest paid player: Josh Beckett -- $17.0 million

#7: Inter Milan -- $5,999,643

League: Serie A (Italy)

Highest paid player: Samuel Eto'o -- $14.9 million (£9.1 million)

#6: Chelsea -- $6,020,741

League: Premier League (England)

Highest paid player: John Terry -- $10.7 million (£6.5 million)

#5: Orlando Magic -- $6,367,114

League: NBA

Highest paid player: Gilbert Arenas -- $17.7 million

#4: Los Angeles Lakers -- $6,540,690

League: NBA

Highest paid player: Kobe Bryant -- $24.8 million

#3: New York Yankees -- $6,756,301

League: MLB

Highest paid player: Alex Rodriguez -- $32.0 million

#2: Real Madrid -- $7,356,632

League: La Liga (Spain)

Highest paid player: Cristiano Ronaldo -- $18.5 million (£11.3 million)

#1: Barcelona -- $7,910,737

League: La Liga (Spain)

Highest paid player: Lionel Messi -- $14.9 million (£9.1 million)

Here are the best-paying teams in each major league:

La Liga (Spain): Barcelona ($7,910,737 per player, ranked #1)

MLB: New York Yankees ($6,756,301 per player, ranked #3)

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers ($6,540,690 per player, ranked #4)

Premier League (England): Chelsea ($6,020,741 per player, ranked #6)

Serie A (Italy): Inter Milan ($5,999,643 per player, ranked #7)

Bundesliga (Germany): Bayern Munich ($5,780,358 per player, ranked #12)

Indian Premier League (Cricket): Royal Challengers Bangalore ($4,506,667 per player, ranked #26)

NHL: Detroit Red Wings ($2,957,955 per player, ranked #67)

NFL: Washington Redskins ($2,913,048 per player, ranked #70)

Now see the billionaires that pay their salaries:

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