The 10 highest paid ASX200 CEOs in 2017

A file photo of Domino’s CEO Don Meij. (Source: supplied)

Don Meij, the long-serving CEO of Domino’s Pizza Enterprises, is the highest paid chief executive of an ASX200 company, earning $36,837,702 in the 2017 financial year.

His pay was almost eight times his statutory pay, and well above his 2016 realised pay of $21.03 million.

Meij’s high pay was due to the rapid increase in Domino’s share price above the exercise price of options granted as an equity incentive.

Domino’s Pizza was also last year hit by a scandal over wage underpayment, prompting a wage audit across its stores and franchisees.

In second place as the highest paid are Peter and Steven Lowy, the joint CEOs of Westfield, with $25,906,960.

Australian Council of Superannuation Investors’ (ACSI) 17th annual survey of chief executive remuneration in ASX200 companies shows that chief executive pay is on the rise, with average realised pay reaching the highest level in four years.

This uplift correlates with strong equity market performance which pushed bonuses higher.

Median realised pay for an ASX100 CEO rose 12.4% to $4.36 million.

Most ASX100 CEOs received a bonus at a significant proportion of their maximum entitlement.

ASX100 CEOs are more likely to lose their job than their bonus. In 2017, 74 of the 80 CEOs eligible for a bonus received one, and the median outcome was 70.5% of maximum. There were 10 Top 100 CEOs who left their roles in 2017.

The Australian Council of Superannuation Investors has 38 members, Australian and international asset owners and institutional investors. Collectively, they manage $2.2 trillion in assets and own on average 10% of every ASX200 company.

The top 10 paid ASX200 CEOs:

Source: Australian Council of Superannuation Investors

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