'Tiger Cubs' Love Facebook

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Shares of Facebook have tanked nearly 50% since the social network’s highly anticipated initial public offering back in May.  Of course, anyone who bought Facebook shares on the IPO is feeling the pain. 

However, we do know that there were some early investors in the social network such as hedge fund and private equity firm Tiger Global Management.

Hedge funds don’t have to disclose their holdings in private companies, but now that the social network is publicly traded we can see the biggest stake holders (as of the end of Q2) in 13F quarterly reports filed with the SEC.

Here’s a rundown of 10 hedge funds who owned the most shares of Facebook for the second quarter ended 6/30/2012, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. 

One trend we noticed was that most of these hedge funds are “Tiger Cubs” meaning they were seeded by famed hedge fund manager Julian Robertson, the founder of Tiger Management. The Tiger Cubs are highlighted in red below. 

  • Tiger Global Management (Chase Coleman): ~1.95 million shares
  • Tiger Consumer Management (Patrick McCormack): ~1.57 million shares
  • JAT Capital Management (John A. Thaler): ~1.56 million shares
  • Bridger Management LLC (Roberto Mignone): 1.5 million shares
  • Hoplite Capital Management (John Lykouretzos): ~1.28 million shares
  • Discovery Capital Management (Rob Citrone): ~1.22 million shares
  • Pentwater Capital Management: ~1.07 million shares 
  • Smithwood Advisers LP: 950,000 shares
  • Alyeska Investment Group: 912,050 

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