10 heartbreaking stories from gun-violence survivors in America

84.MarthaKathy ShorrMartha was a victim of gun violence in 2013.

In 2015, over 13,000 people in the US were killed by firearms — but an even more staggering number is those who have survived shootings:
After experiencing an armed robbery in her own home, photographer Kathy Shorr was changed forever.

“The emotional impact of a gun pointed at you is a feeling that stays with you,” she told Business Insider.

In 2013 she began her photo series “SHOT” — a body of work that puts the focus on 101 survivors of gun violence — and is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to get published as a book.

“We always [hear] about those who died but never about what happened to those who lived. It seemed as if they were to just pick up the physical and emotional pieces and just go on with their lives,” she said.

Shorr was all-inclusive with her project. “SHOT is not meant to be divisive; many gun owners and an NRA member are featured in the project,” she said. Shorr travelled 100,000 miles and visited 45 cities to talk to survivors — below, their names, location, and year of the incident, along with their stories as told by Shorr. Last names have been withheld.

Kenny, Brooklyn, New York, 1996

Kathy Shorr

After leaving a bar, Kenny
was accosted and mugged by a group of teens. Trying to get back to the bar for help, he was then shot by one of them who thought Kenny was following him.

Gabrielle, Berkeley, California, 1973

Kathy Shorr

Former Berkeley Barb reporter Gabrielle fled from a slow-moving van after being robbed and raped on a quiet street. She was able to open the door and roll out of the van before her assailant shot her in the back.

Keiba, Miami Lakes, Florida, 1999

Kathy Shorr

Donning guerrilla fatigues and camouflage to complete his 'mission,' the former Army man ambushed Keiba in the parking lot of their apartment complex. She was his fiancée and the mother of his son. He had never acted violently toward her prior to this incident.

Martha, Columbia, South Carolina, 2013

Kathy Shorr

Martha, a student at the University of South Carolina, was paralysed when a gang member fired his gun as she and her friends were waiting for a taxi.

Minister Ellis, Atlanta, Georgia, 1997

Kathy Shorr

Minister Ellis was hit during an armed robbery at a gas station. The community activist now teaches drama and is a little-league coach in New Jersey.

Sahar, Manhattan, New York, 2013

Kathy Shorr

Early one evening Sahar was strolling through Times Square with her cousin when she was hit by a police officer who was pursuing someone else when he fired.

Jeff, Memphis, Tennessee, 2003

Kathy Shorr

Jeff was shot eight times, including twice in the head. When the shooter fled to his car, Jeff fired at him with his licensed handgun. He credits having a gun with his survival.

Jasbir, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 2012

Kathy Shorr

Jasbir was cooking for the congregation at a Sikh temple when a white supremacist and Army veteran entered the temple and opened fire. Six people were killed and four were injured. The shooter killed himself after shooting at a police officer on the scene.

Antonius, Brooklyn, New York, 2013

Kathy Shorr

Antonius was struck by a random bullet as he walked down a crowded Brooklyn street. The intended target was the ex-girlfriend of the shooter.

Megan, Miami Gardens, Florida, 2012

Kathy Shorr

Megan was shot through the pelvis with an AK-47. Stopping to drop someone off, the car she was riding in was besieged by a hail of bullets. She lay on top of a toddler, who was also in the car, to protect the child. Megan now walks with a limp. A gang initiation is believed to be the motive.

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