10 great whiskey accessories under $100 that will enhance your drinking experience

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  • If you’re a whiskey-lover, these accessories will help enhance your favourite spirit.
  • This collection also make for great gift ideas that will appeal to anyone, from novice to expert.
  • These products include hip flasks, whiskey stones and mixology guidebooks.
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If you love whiskey, nothing can really beat picking up a bottle of your favourite or something new that you’ve been meaning to try out. But if the amount of bottles on your shelf is starting to stack, it might be time to mix things up. Enjoying a good whiskey doesn’t end at the bottle, it starts there.

We’ve put together a few accessories that’ll help enhance your drinking experience, no matter whiskey lover. From hip flasks, to mixology guide books and cocktail making sets, these options are bound to put a smile on any whiskey-lover’s face.

Browse our whiskey accessory suggestions ideas below:

Shenglin Hip Flask, $14.99

Image: Amazon

You can’t really go wrong with a hip flask. This silver, stainless steel flask can hold up to 355mL of liquid. It has been designed with anti-corrosion and anti-rust protection, so you can enjoy a cheeky nip of whiskey for years to come.

Click here to buy the Shenglin hip flask.

Gashin Whiskey Stones (9pcs), $21.99

Image: Amazon

If you hate watered down drinks, whiskey stones are the perfect alternative to ice cubes. They’re simple to use (just store them in the fridge), easy to clean and they’ll chill your drink without adding to its flavour.

This set includes nine granite stones, a velvet pouch to store them in, along with a pair of tongs — all wrapped up in an impressive wooden chest.

Click here to buy Gashin’s whiskey stones.

Whiskey Master Class, $26.39

Image: Kogan

It’s time to give yourself a crash-course in everything whiskey. Lew Bryson’s Whiskey Master Class is a meticulously researched book that delves into the history and differences across whiskey varieties, discussing the range of flavours, distillation methods and ways of tasting on offer.

It’ll teach you almost everything there is to know about bourbon, scotch, rye, Japanese whisky, and more.

Click here to buy Whiskey Master Class.

Glencairn Whisky Glass, $40.63

Image: Kogan

If you’re someone who savours the smells and tastes of your whiskey, you can’t go past a Glencairn glass. This nosing tumbler is designed to help accentuate the whiskey’s aromas.

Click here to buy the Glencairn whisky glasses.

Dead Rabbit: Mixology and Mayhem, $41.50

Image: Kogan

If you’re interested in learning how to make your own cocktails, or if you’re looking for a unique recipe book to broaden your knowledge, Dead Rabbit: Mixology and Mayhem is what you need. It’s half-cocktail book, half-graphic novel.

Created by the masterminds behind The Dead Rabbit, one of the most renowned bars in New York City, and has won countless cocktails awards. This book includes over 100 of the bar’s award winning cocktail recipes (each accompanied by a comic), so you can try them out for yourself.

Click here to buy Dead Rabbit: Mixology and Mayhem.

Bormioli Rocco Cassiopea Decanter (850mL), $49.95

Image: Catch

It’s time to clear out those half empty bottles from your shelf and really class up the joint. With it’s stylish Italian design, Bormioli Rocco’s Cassiopea decanter will bring a degree of sophistication to any bar shelf.

Click here to buy Bormioli Rocco’s Cassiopea decanter.

Whisky Stones and Glasses Gift Set, $49.99

Image: Amazon

This gift set has everything you need to enjoy your favourite whiskey — minus the actual whiskey. A great option if you enjoy a good drink, but don’t have much in the way of accessories.

It includes two classy glasses and eight whiskey stones that’ll help keep your drink chilled — stored in a sturdy, rustic wooden box.

Click here to buy the whisky stones and glasses gift set.

Whiskey Tumblers (6pcs), $49.95

Image: Catch

A good whiskey needs a good glass to drink it from. This six-piece set of whiskey tumblers is a great way to serve up a nice cocktail. Their smart, Italian design will bring a touch of class to any drink.

Click here to buy the whiskey tumblers.

Gold Cocktail Shaker Set, $59.95

Image: Catch

For the drinker who loves a good cocktail, this set has everything he’ll need to make an Old Fashioned, a Manhattan and more.

The set includes a wooden muddler, a cocktail spoon, a 15/30mL double jigger, a four-prong hawthorn strainer, four speed pourers, a bar blade and a gold-coated stainless steel shaker. What more could you ask for?

Click here to buy the gold cocktail shaker set.

Stanley Adventure Hip Flask set, $89.95

Image: Catch

A hip flask for the person who loves adventuring as much as they love a good drink. Even if you’re not one for hiking, this sturdy flask can take a beating, so you’ll definitely get some use out of it in the years to come.

This stainless-steel hip flask can hold up to 236mL, and is both rust-proof and leak-proof. It also comes packaged with four stainless steel shot glasses, so if you’re is feeling generous, you can share a drink with your mates.

Click here to buy Stanley’s Adventure hip flask set.

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