10 Gadgets and Apps We Love And Can't Live Without

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

In honour of the most romantic day of the year, we decided to show you the gadgets and apps that make our geeky hearts pound.

Check out our favourite gear from phones to games that we could never live without.

The iPhone 4 is always at our side

We never leave home without our iPhone 4. It's our portal to everything: email, games, and our favourite apps. It also doubles as a handy point and shoot camera, so there's no need to carry anything extra.

MacBook Air is the ultimate writing tool

For writers on the go, it's tough to beat the MacBook Air. It's super thin and light design makes it easy to take on trips or to conferences and press events. And you can't beat that seven-hour battery life.

A massive 2 TB hard drive stores it all

It's not the sexiest piece of tech, but it's one of the most useful. We use our 2 TB Western Digital MyBook to store all our movies and music for streaming to other devices in the home. It's tough to imagine running out of space with one of these.

AirPlay is great for streaming

AirPlay makes streaming movies and music to our TV a snap. And thanks to these tips, we've been able to stream any video file type, not just those in iTunes.

Gmail organizes everything

Our entire life is stored in Gmail and Google Calendar. Thanks to all the storage space, we haven't deleted an email since 2004.

TweetDeck is the best Twitter client

TweetDeck is the best way to keep up with what's going on in the world. Almost better than our RSS feed. Thanks to the real-time updates, it's almost impossible to miss a tweet, mention, or direct message.

DropBox is the ultimate file storage service

We can't get enough of Dropbox. It's great for syncing files among multiple computers and all our mobile devices. The free account gets you 2 GB of online storage. You can't beat that.

Evernote makes sure we never forget

Evernote is another essential app we use. It syncs important notes and reminders to our computer and smartphone, making it impossible to forget important events.

Google Voice lets you text for free

Two words: free texting. With a Google Voice number, you can send unlimited texts for free. We also love the ability to make calls from within Gmail. It's perfect when you can't get good cell reception.

Angry Birds is the best mobile game ever

Angry Birds is our favourite mobile game of all time. For just $0.99 you get access to unlimited updates as new levels are added. It's fun. It's addicting. And if you don't have it yet, you should download it now.

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