10 Fantastic Celebrity Resources

We are a nation obsessed with celebrities.  The reason why they sell celebrity magazines in the checkout lines at supermarkets is because a lot of people buy them.  In fact, some of the magazines with the largest circulations in the US are magazines focused on celebrities.

As the web has evolved, so too have the celebrity resources available to internet users.


TMZ has quickly become the most visited web resource for breaking celebrity news and gossip.  TMZ tries to uphold to a higher standard then some of the other celebrity blogs which will basically report anything.  TMZ also has added resources and access to additional information as a result of its widely popular television show which airs weekdays on FOX.

Famous Birthdays*

FamousBirthdays.com is the most comprehensive resource to find out the birthday of your favourite celebrity.  The site lists birthdays by date – showing you whose birthday is today along with which famous people have the same birthday as yourself.


If you want to see a list of all the movies your favourite actor has been in, IMDB is your source.  IMDB also shows all of the actors whom were in a given film.  The site is a tremendous archived database of the history of a given actor or movie and it even shows the Top 250 movies of all time as voted by the IMDB user base.

People Magazine

pitches itself as the #1 celebrity site for breaking news and celebrity pictures.  What tends to set People magazine apart is its focus on real life stories about a given celebrity.  They will often feature a celebrity whom has been in the news of late on its cover, and they will hold in depth interviews with the celebrity to give the reader an unique window into the story.  People magazine is less about gossip and more about reporting on the real life issues that celebrities face.

Access Hollywood

Access Hollywood is one of the most popular celebrity news television programs – it airs weekdays at 7 pm.  The website offers a lot of the videos that the television program airs along with web-only exclusives.


NetFlix has become the Blockbuster Video of the web.  The service initially grew though offering customers a mail order option to rent DVDs.  Netflix has since moved its business model to the web and it allows you to instantly stream TV shows and Movies from your computer, whenever you want, for only $7.99 per month.  So, as the entertainment industry continues to innovate, when we want to watch our favourite celebrity in action, Netflix will the place that many of us go.


Twitter is an amazing one way communication platform – which is why the celebrities have flocked to it.  People want to know what celebrities have to say, and Twitter has turned out to be the platform whereby celebrities get the word out.  Charlie Sheen, for example, recently setup a Twitter account.  He is only following 32 people, as those are the people he is interested in hearing from on Twitter.  At the same time, there are roughly 2.9 million people following Charlie Sheen on Twitter.  This has instantly given Charlie an audience and a platform to promote his ideas, thoughts, initiatives, and even advertisements.  A great thing about Twitter is that you can read the Tweets directly from the web – so even if you have never signed up for Twitter – you can still read Charlie Sheen’s tweets online.

Most Bankable Actors

Its always fun to look at which celebrities are earning the most income from their craft.  Forbes publishes a list of Hollywood’s Most Bankable Actors and Actresses which attaches a score to each celebrity based on their overall marketability.

Yahoo Weekend Box Office

Yahoo movies is a fantastic resource to find and book tickets to a local movie.  Yahoo also does a great job when it publishes the Box Office Charts from the past weekend which highlight the movies which are the most popular right now in theatres.


Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia of information created by the public.  This crowd-powered information resource is amazingly relevant and informative for looking up the bio of any famous person.  Wikipedia will highlight information about an actors early life including how they broke into Hollywood.  It will also usually dig deep and explain information about the celebrities personal life while summarizing their trials and tribulations.  The information is usually laid out in a chronological format making it easy on the reader.

*FamousBirthdays.com is owned by ResourceWebs

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