10 eye-popping outfits that Miley Cyrus wore while hosting the 2015 MTV VMAs

Miley Cyrus has spent that last couple of years proving she’s not longer the Hannah Montana Disney character she played as a kid.

Cyrus likes to show a little flesh from time-to-time, the singer certainly gave the audience of the MTV VMAs an eyeful in the flamboyant, rainbow, barely-there attire.

From her red carpet statement silver chest straps to her clear plastic dress with perfectly placed dots, here’s some of the outfits that shocked and got everyone talking.

The red carpet dress.

Is the Facebook marriage equality rainbow?

This clear plastic dress has dots in all the right places.

We want to call it a dress, but we're not really sure.

At least she's wearing pants.

Her dreadlocks changed colours throughout the evening.

Cyrus swaps a skirt for a pair of red lips.

We thought she'd covered up with a over-sized tinsel jacket. But no, underneath was a revealing sparkly speedo.

Does this need a caption?

While it may be her most modest outfit of the night, Cyrus slid down a psychedelic slide to show off her disco child jumpsuit and fluro flower jacket.

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