10 Private And Embarrassing Emails That Went Viral On College Campuses

Whenever you’re questioning whether you should click send on that email that might be a little too mean or not really funny, here’s some advice — don’t send it.

Whether intended for an internal list among friends, or blasted for a whole community to read, there are some emails that never should be sent — and it seems like the problem is particularly bad at colleges.

Students, professors, and administrators are all offenders — these are 10 emails that never should have been sent on a college campus.

'Deranged' Maryland Sorority Girl Yells At Sisterhood

UMD student Rebecca Martinson

Earlier this year, Gawker published an email sent by a member of the University of Maryland's Delta Gamma chapter to her sorority. In the 'expletive and CAPS-ridden email tirade,' the DG sister publicly and aggressively chastised the sorority for what she perceived as their awkwardness during parties.

Since it went viral, the letter has had numerous public readings, including by celebrities like Michael Shannon and Gilbert Gottfried.

Worst Line: 'And for those of you who are offended at this email, I would apologise but I really don't give a f***. Go f*** yourself.'

Michigan State Professor Insults Muslim Student Group

MSU Professor Indrek Wichman

In 2006, a mechanical engineering professor at Michigan State University sent an email to the school's Muslim Student's Association in response to a planned on-campus protest. He used some terrible stereotypes to describe Islam -- for example, saying that Muslim culture referred to women as 'whores.'

The professor later apologized for the 'tactless and hyperbolic language' he used in the email.

Worst Line: 'Please return to your ancestral homelands and build them up yourselves instead of troubling Americans.'

Vassar Accidentally Admits 76 Applicants

While not technically an email error, Vassar College made a major Internet mistake last year when they falsely told 76 applicants that they were admitted to the school. Vassar accidentally left up a placeholder 'test letter' that over 100 students viewed, before informing them that the verdict was due to a system error and may have been incorrect, the New York Times reported.

Vassar apologized to the effected applicants and said they would reimburse the $65 application fees.

TCU Professor Organizes Study Group For 'Students Of Colour Only'

TCU Professor Santiago Pinon

A religion professor at Texas Christian University recieved some criticism after he sent an email offering extra help to students he deemed to be 'of colour.' The email was only sent to students with Hispanic last names -- including someone who did not identify as Hispanic.

While the email was sent with good intentions, some students felt like it was segregating a specific group.

Worst Line: 'I don't mind if this would turn out to be a study session for my STUDENTS OF COLOUR ONLY.'

Cornell Business School Employees Conduct Steamy Love Affair

Cornell Business School employees Lisa and John

The Johnson Business School at Cornell University was rocked in 2009 when two employees accidentally cc-ed the entire school in a steamy email exchange. Turns out that the two were both married and having an affair, which was private until Guest of a Guest published their correspondence for the world to see.

Cornell later apologized for the email gaffe, and offered counseling to anyone 'upset about the content of the email and the context in which it was sent.'

Worst Line: 'I can practically FEEL your torturous little fingernails flitting across my stomach, and they're making me ACHE with the desire for RELEASE!!! :)'

FIU Fraternity Conducts Drug Deals Over Facebook

From the private Pi Kappa Alpha Facebook group

A Florida International University fraternity caught heat this summer after messages from a private Facebook group -- including posts about selling drugs and hazing new members -- were emailed to various media outlets. According to the Miami Herald, this was just the latest bit of bad behaviour for FIU's Pi Kappa Alpha chapter.

FIU suspended the fraternity and began a police investigation into the Facebook messages.

Worst Line: 'On campus for those of you looking for the Pike pharmacy'

Georgia Tech Frat Bro Send Out Creepy 'Rapebait' Email

The Georgia Tech Phi Kappa Tau house

A student at Georgia Tech came under fire for a fraternity email he sent out titled 'Luring your Rapebait,' giving his brothers some creepy tips on how to hook-up at a party. The email -- originally posted on Total Frat Move -- seemed to invite the fraternity members to intoxicate females who came to their house in order to easier have sex with them.

The student later issued a well-recieved apology about the offensive email.

Worst Line:'A short guide consist of the 7 E's of HOOKING UP!'

Dartmouth Students Send Racist Email About Incoming President

Former Dartmouth President Jim Yong Kim

After the appointment of new president Jim Yong Kim in 2009, a group of Dartmouth students used a popular email listserve to poke fun at the incoming head of the college. However, by calling Kim a 'Chinaman' and mocking a stereotypical Chinese accent -- 'It was a complete supplies' instead of 'surprise' -- the email was distinctly racist.

The group apologized for the 'deeply offensive nature' of the email and the author wrote a separate formal apology to Kim.

Worst Line:'Unless 'Jim Yong Kim' means 'I love Freedom' in Chinese, I don't want anything to do with him. Dartmouth is America, not Panda Garden Rice Village Restaurant.'

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