10 Economic Facts We Can All Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving, and while there are plenty of reasons to worry about the economy, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic too.

We’ve compiled what we think are positive notes about the U.S. economy, from Thanksgiving last year to today.

First, the markets. The DOW is up 7.21% since last Thanksgiving.

Not impressed? Well the NASDAQ is up 17.13%.

Consumer credit is turning around.

Disposable income has been surging all year.

Capacity utilization is showing a v-shaped recovery.

Exports have made a v-shaped recovery, too.


Corporate profits are now at an all time high, suggesting more job growth could be just around the corner.

And with that growth, initial jobless claims are falling.

The American auto industry is coming back.

Curious how your Thanksgiving turkey came to be?

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