Fascinating Charts On What Global CEOs Are Thinking Right Now

ceos hourglass

Figuring out how to attract top talent and knowing when to pool resources into China are two of the biggest questions on the minds of CEOs these days, according to PricewaterCooper’s 14th Annual Global CEO Survey.

PwC asked 1,201 chief executives from 69 countries how they’re strategising post-recession, and compiled their answers into a few fascinating graphs.

This chart is a fancy way of laying out who's going to get promoted and fired

Because things are so expensive these days, CEOs are doing more outsourcing

The economy still scares the heck out of CEOs

Execs are most concerned about retaining top talent (and less concerned about their relationship with the board of directors)

According to this chart, companies and the government are seeing more eye-to-eye

Companies are taking social responsibility seriously because it's important to consumers

Companies are pooling resources into China and communications strategies

CEOs are now nearly as optimistic as they were in early 2007

72% of companies are re-training execs on how to manage risk

Don't like the corporate rules? Ditch your job

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