10 LinkedIn Charts That Show How Google Is Different Than The Rest Of The Tech Industry

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Photo: Google

We pulled a bunch of detailed information about Google’s employees from LinkedIn — which is all available on the site.Turns out most of Google’s employees have more than 5 years of experience in tech.

It also appears that Google’s employment structure has changed a lot since Larry page took over.

Its hiring has decelerated a little bit — meaning, the rate at which its headcount is growing has slowed. Its executive hiring rate has also changed.

Those are just some of the tidbits of information we’ve dug up from mining LinkedIn’s information about employees at Google. We’ve assembled a list of charts that show what’s going on with its employees.

It’s not perfect data, but it does paint a pretty good picture of what’s going on.

Google employs way more R&D employees than most other tech companies.

But you don't have to have a Ph. D. to work at Google — most employees only have undergrad degrees.

Not surprisingly, most employees come from San Francisco Bay Area schools — like Stanford.

Here's the Larry Page effect: Google's employee headcount growth has slowed.

It's more obvious in executive leadership, which Page was trying to crack down.

R&D hiring growth has also slowed, but not too much compared to other tech companies.

Its sales and marketing staff growth has also tapered off, but it was still above average.

Google's general and administrative staff is still growing more quickly than most other tech companies.

Looks like Google is still offering a lot of promotions and mobility in the company.

Think you have what it takes to work at Google?

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