10 Charts That Every Internet Exec Must See Right Now

Mary Meeker's State Of the Interenet

Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker gave a talk at Web 2.0 titled “10 Questions Internet Execs Should Ask And Answer.”

The whole presentation is a brilliant look at the state-of-the-Internet-business that anybody with a stake in this industry should flip through right now.

If you’re in a rush, however…

The pace of adoption of Apple's mobile platform is unheard of.

Combined with Google's Android OS, it's quickly displacing the old mobile incumbents. Look at Android whacking Symbian.

By 2012, smartphone shipments will outpace PC shipments

In Japan, mobile Internet access quickly outpaced desktop access

A ubiquitous mobile Internet means more time spent on the Internet. Ad dollars still aren't catching up.

Part of the problem is that social networking CPMs are so horrible

Video is where its at.

Uploads to YouTube keep growing.

Meeker says the mobile Internet will also spur ecommerce growth

All that's bullish. Here's a chart Meeker hopes will re-introduce some long-term caution.

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