10 Can't Miss Charts From Mary Meeker's Brilliant Presentation On The State Of Tech

KPCB venture capital partner Mary Meeker at Web 2.0

Photo: niallkennedy

Kleiner Perkins venture capitalist Mary Meeker wows the technology business world every year with dazzling presentations on the state of industry.This year at Web 2.0, she did it again.

We’ve already published her entire presentation, of course.

But if you’ve only got time for 10 charts, we’ve picked out the 10 you need to see. They explain where we are in mobile and on the Internet, and where we’re going.

Consumer confidence is low…

…but technologies can still breakout during economic downturns.

Mobile is what's really breaking out right now.

There's a huge opportunities to bring ad spending to the Internet and onto mobile

Apple's iPad is increasing this opportunity

Google's mobile OS, Android, is pitching in, too (watch out, Apple!).

In general, American businesses have done very well leading the smartphone revolution.

But the Internet is a global place

Another trend: eCommerce is back!

Another trend: Social network is bigger than the rest of the Internet

Did these charts whet your appetite?

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