10 Bing Jingles Microsoft Rejected

Microsoft (MSFT) recently announced the winner of its Bing jingle contest, which it held on Google’s (GOOG) YouTube service.

Click here to watch 10 Bing jingle rejects →

The top jingle was “Bing Goes the Internet” by Jonathan Mann, known on YouTube as “The Rock Cookie Bottom.”

But there are plenty of rejects!

Microsoft has tagged 28 “favourites” from its contest, ranging from some very creative stuff to people singing over computer graphics.

Click here to watch 10 Bing jingle rejects →

B b b Bing by Mike Vardy

'And yet my current search engine has malnutrition. But wait a sec, what's that, a saviour for the Internet? And now my URL crusades have been completed...'

Bing(le) Jingle with subtitles!

I like to Bing It Bing It

Say Hello To Bing

Ryder Duncan's Bing Ballad

Trippy Post-It Notes

What The H-E-C-K?

Bing Bing Sensitive Mix

The Sound Of Found

N Is For Anything

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