10 Awesome Swimming Pools (And Homes) You Can Buy Right Now

pool los angeles

Photo: Zillow

When the temperatures are climbing Mount Everest, and the heat becomes intolerable, all what people want is to cool down at a pool with an exotic cocktail in their hand. Even better if it’s in a place worthy of their most extravagant dreams.The real estate blog Zillow selected some of the best oasis-like swimming pools that you can find in luxury homes for sale all over the country. Here is their selection.

The infinity edge pool of this $14,950,000 Boston property oversees the Boston Public Garden

This pool is in the court of a $25,000,000 Italian-style villa in Atlanta

This 50-foot long pool is perfect for morning laps in this $28,500,000 Beverly Hills Property

Right next to Lake Washington, the pool of the $23,800,000 mansion in Mercer Island has a dramatic view

This amazing 50-foot pool starts inside before leading to a stunning mountain view in a $13,950,000 villa in Fairfield, CA

A Hawaiian pool paradise with a underwater bar in this $12,995,000 property

This pool is in the middle of a $21,995,000 Mediterranean-style villa with 18 bedrooms in Beverly Hills

Watch out for this pool's edge above the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles within this $12,950,000 property

This is not one, but four pools with a spa in the $12,400,000 Santa Fe home

This Thai-style pool with a fantastic view on Miami Beach belongs to a $27,000,000 penthouse

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