10 Incredible Supercars That Were Almost Mistaken For Junk

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Photo: Image courtesy of Barn Finds

Classic cars are becoming ever more lucrative to own, but if you have one which was on a limited edition run, then chances are you’ll be in the money like never before.There’s been plenty of barn finds and classic car finds over the years, but which are the best?

Which are the finds which have stunned the world?

1957 Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing

Probably the coolest car ever made, this 1957 Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing was found in a rough state, but who cares? The owner will be more than aware that, once this thing is cleaned up, it'll be worth upwards of $160k.

If you would say no to this car, you're not a proper petrol head.

1937 Bugatti Type 57S Atlante

Dubbed as the 'barn find of the decade', this beautiful 1937 Bugatti Type 57S Atlante may be one of the best finds of modern times, but it's also one of the most beautiful. It may not be the unbelievably rare Atlantic model, but this is still a super-rare car and one that will sell for a huge amount at auction.

They only ever produced 17 examples, so you'd be hard pressed to find a car with more exclusivity.

Aston Martin DB4

Few cars can create the emotion that the DB4 exudes, and when someone finds one, even in such a bad condition, it becomes a reason to celebrate.

This DB4 was found in a bad way, but with some TLC and plenty of money thrown at it, there's no doubting it's earning potential.

Italian supercar find

Finding one car hidden away is nice, but finding several and they're all supercars? Get outta here!

This find included two Ferraris and one Maserati, all of which were in good condition and had very low mileage. Notice that cheeky Dino just poking through at the back?

Mustang GT350

Looking at this beautiful Mustang GT350 you'd be forgiven for thinking it's just come out of the showroom, but no; unbelievably, this 350 was a barn find. It's in near perfection condition and apparently sold at auction for a cool $350,000.

Having only covered 44 miles, it's no wonder this thing looks the way it does!

1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SS

Ok, this is a rough one, but it is an Alfa Romeo from the 1960s, so it's worth a look. The Giulietta name is now back on a 21st century Alfa, but this was the beautiful original -- and it's really pretty.

Unfortunately, this one has seen better days, but with a big restoration you could have one hell of a head-turner on your hands.

1937 Lagonda LG45 Saloon De Ville

The famous Lagonda name has long been synominous with luxury, but this dusty LG45 Saloon looks about as upmarket as a rusty knife. Thankfully, with some work and a lot of polish it'll be one hell of a rare car and a big money maker for its owner.

1952 2.6-litre Drophead

Another Lagonda found in the same barn as the LG45, this beautiful 2.6-litre Drophead looks to be in better condition than the De Ville. In a lovely cream white paintjob, it's sure to be worth a trunk load once fully restored.

It makes you wonder why people lock these cars up, doesn't it?

1964 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

The Corvette Stingray is one of the most recognisable sports cars of the 20th century, so when this one was found all dusty and dirty in a barn, people naturally got quite excited.

The engine is a mess, but it's a project that could turn out to be one of news-worthy quality once finished.

1972 Datsun 240Z

Famous for looking far too much like the Jaguar E-Type, this classic 1972 Datsun 240Z was found with just 714 miles on the clock and has been stored away for 40 years. It's a real looker and is almost guaranteed to be reliable, thanks to the bulletproof Japanese reliability.

You probably won't find a 240Z in as good a condition.

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