The 13 Best GIFs Of NBA Benches Losing Their Minds In Celebration

warriors bench react curry shot

Sometimes an NBA bench reaction shot captures the essence of a moment better than words ever could.

That’s what happened last night, when the camera cut to a baffled Warriors bench after Steph Curry hit an incredible three-pointer during his 22-point third quarter barrage.

It’s was perfect.

We picked out more NBA bench celebration GIFs that tell you everything you need to know.

The Warriors bench can't believe Steph Curry

Joakim Noah does sedate finger guns

The Warriors bench stomps its way to mid-court after a dunk

Robert Sacre fires the finger guns after a Pau Gasol shot

Wizards bench is sad, then very happy

The Warriors bench, again, clowns Blake Griffin

The Celtics bench pops through a doorway, we think

Ricky Rubio does a happy dance

Nate Robinson screams at the heavens

Rasheed Wallace puts on the championship belt

Javale McGee and Kenneth Faried hold each other

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