The 10 Most Shocking Moments From The 'Walking Dead' Season Finale

Rick starts to lose his temper with the group at the season’s close.

Photo: AMC / Season 2 screengrab

We asked for zombies and they came!Last night’s season 2 finale of “The Walking Dead” was filled with zombie guts, gore, deaths and a big reveal from season one’s finale. 

Sure, there were some moments we had to overcome in this episode—somehow a helicopter magically lured hordes of zombies towards the farm and Andrea can outrun zombies for more than 12 hours—but in return we received a full hour of action that made this episode feel more like the zombie-packed thriller of season one.

Plus, we were able to see our fearless leader Rick finally come unhinged, something that may not fare well for the group’s unity down the road. 

Although season three doesn’t start until the fall, see the moments that had us on the edge of our seats.

Zombies crash down upon the farm from every direction, and the ensuing kill action lasts an entire half hour.

Zombie BBQ: Carl burned down the barn and in the process lit a group of barn walkers on fire.

T-Dawg talks onscreen! For the entirety of season 2, T-Dawg has barely existed in the plot line. We became convinced his lingering presence was solely so he could be easily discarded in the zombie attack tonight.

Saved at the last minute: We were sure Hershel was a goner until Rick swooped in and saved him seconds before a zombie attack. It was revealed on 'The Talking Dead

They left the RV behind! Walkers got into the RV (how do you leave the door open during an attack?) and the group had to abandon their home on wheels.

Oh, and they left Andrea behind! With Dale and Shane dead, everyone forgets about her and jump into vehicles—seriously, even Carol got on a motorcycle—leaving Andrea to fend for herself.

Andrea becomes a female Rambo, taking down multiple zombies, and somehow sustains running for more than 12 hours.

They're all infected! Rick finally reveals what Jenner (slightly off-hinged CDC worker from the end of season 1) whispered in his ear before blowing up the CDC.

Rick tells the gang this is no longer a democracy. Hello dictatorship? And, the camera pulls away to show a prison in the backdrop!

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