The 10 Best Hotels In The Caribbean

With more than 5,000 islands and cays in the Caribbean, the sky’s the limit for anyone looking to cure their wintertime blues with a tropical vacation.

To make the destination decision a little easier, Condé Nast Traveller determined the 10 best resorts in the Caribbean based on thousands of reader reviews as a part of its Gold List 2014.

From the pink sand beaches of Bermuda to the lush greenery of Jamaica, Caribbean jet-setters have a lot to explore.

10. Anse Chastanet Resort, St. Lucia

Readers' Choice Rating: 93.3

Price:Starting at $US540/night

You can have a classic Caribbean vacation at Anse Chastanet on St. Lucia's quiet southwestern coast. Architect-owner Nick Troubetzkoy's philosophy is to make nature an integral part of the experience. The estate sits on 600 acres bordering two soft sand beaches whose bays are protected as a marine reserves.

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Source: Anse Chastanet St. Lucia/Facebook

9. Pompano Beach Club, Bermuda

Readers' Choice Rating: 93.8

Price: Starting at $US310/night

A big draw for the Pompano Beach Club is its 18-hole Port Royal Golf Course, named Bermuda's finest by The New York Times. Besides its proximity to great golfing, the resort also offers a long stretch of pristine beach perfect for snorkelers and water sport enthusiasts.

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Source: Pompano Beach Club, Bermuda/Facebook

8. Jamaica Inn, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Readers' Choice Rating: 94

Price: Starting at $US523/night

With just 52 suites and cottages, every guest at Jamaica Inn gets a Caribbean Sea view. Every room also comes with its own private veranda. Beach activities are complimentary, like kayaking, sunfish sailing, snorkelling and paddle boarding. Planter's punch is also free everyday from 11 a.m. to noon on the beach.

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Source: Jamaica Inn

7. Palm Island Resort, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Readers' Choice Rating: 94.6

Price: Starting at $US860/night

Palm Island Resort, on the southern tip of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, emphasises privacy. They only have 43 rooms on the 135-acre island. The all-inclusive resort has five white sand beaches, a full-service spa, two restaurants and a tennis court.

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Source: Palm Island Resort/Facebook

6. The Reefs, Bermuda

Readers' Choice Rating: 94.7

Price: Starting at $US349/night

The Reefs is a resort with a sense of humour. They advertise that Bermuda has been welcoming visitors since Shakespeare was writing plays. Besides the genial staff, the resort draws guests with its full-service spa, pool and white sand beaches.

(image url='' alt='The Reefs thereefs' link='lightbox' size='primary' align='center' clear='true')
Source: The Reefs

5. Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, St. Kitts and Nevis

Readers' Choice Rating: 94.9

Price: Starting at $US712/night

Nisbet Plantation first operated as a sugar, then a coconut, plantation. The keystone for the plantation dates the property to 1778, and it became a resort in the late 1950s. David Dodwell, the owner of The Reefs in Bermuda, also owns the plantation, so you can expect a good humored staff and top-notch service.

(image url=',%20nevis%20fb.jpg' alt='Nisbet Plantation, Nevis FB' link='lightbox' size='primary' align='center' clear='true')
Source: Nisbet Plantation, Nevis/Facebook

4. Rosalie Bay Resort, Dominica

Readers' Choice Rating: 95.1

Price: Starting at $US299/night

Dominica -- not to be confused with the Dominican Republic -- has earned a reputation as the Caribbean's Nature Island. Sitting on 22 acres on the southeastern coast, Rosalie Bay Resort bills itself as an 'eco-boutique' experience. The pool is filled with natural salt water and each guest gets a personalised wellness program.

(image url='' alt='Rosalie Bay Resort FB' link='lightbox' size='primary' align='center' clear='true')
Source: Rosalie Bay Resort/Facebook

3. Jade Mountain, St Lucia

Readers' Choice Rating: 95.7

Price: Starting at $US1,350/night

Jade Mountain has the same owner, architect Nick Troubetzkoy, as another St. Lucia gem in the top 10, Anse Chastanet. In fact, Jade Mountain rises directly above the 600 acre beach front property. Bold construction is a big selling point for Jade Mountain. It features individual bridges that lead to a secluded infinity pool with sprawling mountain views.

(image url='' alt='Jade Mountain St Lucia FB' link='lightbox' size='primary' align='center' clear='true')
Source: Jade Mountain St. Lucia/Facebook

2. Jumby Bay, Antigua and Barbuda

Readers' Choice Rating: 97.3

Price: Starting at $US1,595/night

The Jumby Bay resort sits on a private beach a few miles off the northeast coast of Antigua. Everything about the island screams exclusivity. You don't rent rooms here, but rather suites, villas, beach homes and estate homes. Nearly every villa and home comes with its own private pool. There are also four restaurants in the community, a spa and fitness center.

(image url='' alt='Jumby Bay rosewoodhotels' link='lightbox' size='primary' align='center' clear='true')
Source: Jumby Bay

1. The Peninsula House, SamanĂ¡, Dominican Republic

Readers' Choice Rating: 97.8

Price: Starting at $US650/night

The Peninsula House creates a homey experience for guests. The hotel has its own pets, including a golden lab. Breakfast is complimentary and for those guests who have dinner at the house, the chef curates a menu for them based on their personal tastes.

(image url='' alt='The Peninsula House FB' link='lightbox' size='primary' align='center' clear='true')
Source: The Peninsula House/Facebook

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