10 Awesome iPad Mods And Hacks


Photo: Hacknmod

The iPad is pretty useful on its own with help from third-party apps.But for some people that’s not enough.

Here are a few iPads that have been reworked into something totally different, whether it’s a skateboard or a new car interior.

Replace your car interior

We like these instructions on HackNMod that tell you how to build an iPad directly into your car.

Build it into a musical instrument

Here's a device called a Mantaray, a musical platform powered by an iPad.

You can put wheels on it and ride it around

Steer a remote control balloon

It even responds to your tilting motions. Check it out here.

Spruce up your kitchen

Modders have even put iPads into kitchen cabinets.

Make it retro

This old Apple computer makes a completely impractical but retro iPad case.

Play old school games on it in an iCade

Refinish it into something totally fancy

A company called Cottin will convert your iPad's housing into something very sharp-looking.

Make it into a navigation system for a motorcycle

Some enterprising guys made a video all about their motorcycle mounted iPad, handy for GPS navigation.

Trick it out with a USB typewriter

USB Typewriter will sell you an iPad-friendly typewriter ready for use.

Want to see what other people are hacking together?

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