10 Australian foreign fighters are serving in a specialised IS unit trained to attack the West

At least 10 Australians in Syria are being trained to conduct terrorist attacks in the West as part of a specialised Islamic State unit called the “Anwar al-Awlaki Brigade”.

The Australian reveals that the group of English-speaking fighters are used to spread the Islamic State’s religious jihad overseas.

Authorities have identified 10 Australians. The brigade is made up of hundreds of foreigners believed to be used as “cannon fodder” or for planning terror attacks outside Syria.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop confirmed that Australians were members of the group saying that she was “deeply concerned”.

“ISIL has already used Australians in its propaganda videos and it is likely that they will seek to use their English-language ability to spread their poisonous ideology into Australia and other nations,” she told The Australian.

In the brigade is Neil Prakash, Australia’s most senior IS terrorist.

Yesterday it was revealed — after Prakash tweeted links — that the IS has hacked into the personal information of about 1400 Westerns, and their families.

Eight Australians, including a Victorian MP and defence personnel, were on the list.

While the existence of the Anwar al-Awlaki Brigade has been to known authorities previously, it is the first time Australians have been identified as members of the group.

There are believed to be around 150 Australians currently fighting with militant groups in Syria.

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