The Top 10 March Madness iPhone Apps

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Following March Madness as closely as you should isn’t always easy.

There are so many games going on at once, and work and other responsibilities often drag you away from your television set, no matter how diligent you try to be.

Luckily, there are dozens of iPhone apps to help you keep track of all the action even when you’re on the move.

Check out 10 iPhone apps to help you follow every second of March Madness >

CBS Sports March Madness on Demand

iTunes link
Price: $9.99

Watch all 63 games live and track your bracket at the same time.

ESPN Score centre

iTunes link
Price: Free

ESPN's scoreboard app covers just about any sports league your likely to have an interest in, but it's especially useful in the early going of March Madness, when there are so very many games you absolutely need to know about.

SlingPlayer Mobile

iTunes link
Price: $29.99

Connect to your Slingbox at home to watch the game you want on the network you want.

College Basketball Live

iTunes link
Price: Free

A good app for all-around coverage. Keep up on scores, the schedule, news items, blog posts and more.

ESPN Tournament Challenge

iTunes link
Price: Free

If you're in a pool using ESPN's bracket system, this lets you keep tabs on how you're doing on the move.

Basketball Rule Book

iTunes link
Price: $1.99

An easy solution for rule disputes.


iTunes link
Price: Free

FanPulse lets you follow sporting events with your friends all over the world. See which games your friends are watching, and check-in to those games to discuss the action live.

NBA Live

iTunes link
Price: $6.99

OK, perhaps an NCAA game would be more appropriate, but NBA Live is the best iPhone basketball game out there.

Sportacular Pro

iTunes link
Price: $1.99 (free ad-supported version also available)

Sportacular is another general coverage app, but it has some key advantages over its free counterparts. Most attractive: it lists betting odds.

College Fight Songs

iTunes link
Price: Free

If this doesn't get your crowd into the spirit of things, nothing will.

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