10 Things In Advertising You Need To Know This Morning

Hello! Let’s dig in to the ad news of the day.

1. Facebook’s earnings revealed that the company makes 62% of its ad money from mobile alone. Further, about 30% of the company’s monthly visitors only check their Facebook pages on their smartphones.

2. Ebay hired WPP and Goodby, Silverstein and Partners to take over its creative and global media accounts.

3.TripAdvisor reported that its profits were down this quarter, but both click-based and display advertising revenue increased.The company reported a 28% jump in click-based and a 19% increase in display ads.

4. A new study from PunchTab reveals that 50% of people surveyed would rather not be tracked by a retailer’s in-store tracking programs.

5. McDonald’s looks to incorporate more digital marketing strategies
by following the lead of the company’s overseas operations in spots like Australia and France, The Drum reports. The announcement for a digital push comes from low financial results this quarter.

6. TBWA/Toronto and Zealios Skincare teamed up to create a 50% off coupon that can only be accessed on a mobile device, and you have to be standing outside in the sunlight for it to download. However, Mashable reports that the coupon doesn’t work on all smartphones and all browsers.

7. Digiday looks at why senior agency members need to start learning digital skills now.

8. Multi-platform campaigns are apparently not as effective as they could be, according to Media Post. Progress has however been made in joining TV and social media campaigns together, because often people are on Twitter or Facebook when watching TV.

9. WideOrbit, an ad and business management company, acquired supply-side technology provider Admeta on Wednesday.

10. RichRelevance and Tapad teamed up Wednesday in a new partnership to help deepen retail advertising engagement.

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