1 million voters are missing from the electoral roll

Paul Kane/Getty Images

With a federal election less than eight weeks away, Australians aged 18 or more must register to vote.

The Australian Electoral Commission says those of voting age must ensure they are enrolled by 8pm on May 23.

All citizens aged 18 years and over are required by law to enrol and vote in the July 2 election.

“Enrolling and voting is compulsory. If you are not enrolled, you can’t vote in the 2016 federal election,” says Rogers.

There’s a $20 penalty for not voting. This can blow out if you forget to pay, with a fine up to $170 plus costs if it reaches court.

As of December, there were 16,405,465 people eligible to vote.

Of those, 15,338,686 had registered to vote, leaving more than 1 million who aren’t on the electoral roll, so far.

At the last election in 2013, about one in four young voters, those aged Of those aged 18-24, or about 400,00 people, didn’t enrol in time, meaning they didn’t vote.

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