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What's Happening

Westpac: Inflation and China PMI Suggest The Aussie Dollar May Have Further To Fall


High Global Gas Prices Are Coming To Australian Homes

$225 a year.

Armed Pirates Raid Japanese Oil Tanker Off Malaysian Coast

Fuel stolen and crew abducted.

NSW Organised Crime Squad Seized $100 Million Worth Of Drugs

Arrest Four In State's Biggest Drug Bust.

This Is What It's Like To Work For Billionaire Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen (Absolutely Fantastic)

Oren Etzioni is one of the big names in the Seattle-area tech scene and six months ago, he took a job with Paul Allen.

The Aussie Dollar Is Getting Smoked


Chinese Manufacturing Still In Contraction

HSBC China Flash manufacturing PMI climbed to a...

Australian CPI Increases 0.6% In The March Quarter 2014, Rises 2.9% Through The Year

Dollar taking a bath.

Bridgegate Investigators Subpoena Chris Christie's Spokesman

The New Jersey Legislature's committee...

This Creepy Web App Shows You Just How Much Of Your Life Is Shared On Facebook

Watch your social life unfurl on its page.

Australia To Buy 58 More F-35 Fighter Jets For $US11.6 Billion

Australia will purchase 58 more F-35 Joint...

Australians Have Invented A Botox For Plastic Which Will Save Billions And Clean Power Plant Exhaust Gases

50 times faster in cleaning exhaust gases.

This Is The One Law Airbnb's Opponents Desperately Want To Change

A group of lawmakers in New York believe there...

CHART OF THE DAY: Here's How Much Russia Controls Of The World's Most Important Commodities

Many are watching the geopolitical tension...

Here's An Insane Video Of People Changing Tires While Driving On Only Two Wheels

There's no need to pull over to swap tires when...

Westpac's Market Strategy Head Thinks Fears Of China's 'Lehman Moment' Are Completely Overblown

Five questions for Rob Rennie.

Navy Fighter Pilots Made This Awesome GoPro Video Of Their Supersonic Maneuvers

Danger zone.

Investors Can Learn Crucial Lessons From The Two Sides Of Every Trade

FA Insights is a daily newsletter from Business...

10 Things You Need To Know This Morning In Australia

Big day ahead for Australia.

Mobile Internet 1000 Times Faster Than 4G Is One Step Closer To Reality

It's like having fibre Internet on your phone.

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