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What's Happening In Ideas

This Jeff Bezos Quote Explains Amazon's Insanely Difficult Hiring Process

Amazon's hiring process is notoriously...

The Real Reason Facebook Bought Oculus: 'Virtual Reality Will Be The On-Ramp To Optical Computing'

In March, Facebook freaked everybody out by...

The 8 Best Jobs That Don't Require A College Degree

No job and no degree? Don't fret. There are...

How To Tactfully Tell A Noisy Coworker To Shut Up

If you have ever worked in an open office or...

Why Gap's New CEO Doesn't Have A Desk In His Office

Last month, Gap announced that the head of its...

The 13 Most Successful Harvard Dropouts

College isn't for everyone. Between tests...

The Key To Having A Good Memory Is Ridiculously Simple

Memories don't just happen on their own...

5 Books Celebrity Life Coach Tony Robbins Thinks Everyone Should Read

The master of motivation.

These 12 Meeting Mistakes Cost Companies $37 Billion A Year In Lost Productivity

Of the approximately 11 million meetings that...

15 Things Successful People Do In Their 20s

Your 20s are a time of major transitions. The...

The 10 Best Jobs For 2015

If your New Year's resolution is to land a new...

How Writing Out Goals Once A Year Has Changed This CEO's Life

More than just a thought experiment.

Patagonia CEO: 'There's No Way I Should Make One Decision Based On Quarterly Results'

Patagonia is different from most retailers.

7 Successful People Describe The Decision That Changed Their Careers Forever

Original posts about how their careers might have turned out differently.

The Way Warren Buffett Sold Gum As A 6-Year-Old Reveals A Trait That Made Him A Billionaire

It was a matter of honour for the mogul-to-be.

How This Company Knows You're Going To Quit Your Job Before You Do

Predicting your future.

This Insight Helped Kobe Bryant Become A Better Leader

The importance of communication for leadership.

Horrible Job Interview Advice People Love To Give

Here are three tips you should always think twice about before following.

Here's What You Can Earn Working At Citi

The name "Citibank" calls up a lot of bad...

Facebook Shuttle Bus Driver Explains Why He's Furious About His Job

Commuting problems.

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