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9 Pictures Of The Insane Floods That Have Parts Of The UK And Ireland Looking Like 'Water World'

Britain U.K. floodingWaves crash against the seafront and the railway line that has been closed due to storm damage at Dawlish on February 5, 2014 in Devon, England.

A giant storm has hit the U.K., causing widespread flooding and prompting evacuations of some areas.

People have been warned to stay away from coastal areas as high tides, wind, and heavy rains are causing towns to flood.

In Cork, Ireland, a town on the River Lee, one man took a kayak to the ATM because the streets were submerged in water.

Check out the photo:

Here are some more shots of the flooding:

BBC News has video of people paddling kayaks through the streets of the town.

Thousands of homes in the U.K. have lost power because of the flooding, and the Environment Agency has issued severe flood warnings for much of southwest England, according to The Guardian.

Train service has stopped in some areas. Drivers have been cautioned about debris and water on roads.

The storm has also damaged the popular West Pier in Brighton, according to Metro newspaper.

More than 128,000 acres are flooded.

The flooding started in January, but it’s not over yet — two more storms are expected to hit Britain this weekend, according to The Guardian.

Here’s a look at some of the areas hit by the storm:

Britain U.K. floodingA woman walks along a temporary floating pontoon positioned on a flooded road to the village of Muchelney, near Langport in south west England January 27, 2014.
Britain U.K. floodingA police operated boat carries residents of the village of Muchelney, seen in the background on the flooded Somerset Levels, near Langport in south west England January 27, 2014.
Britain U.K. floodingAn angry resident hits a vehicle he claims was driving too fast through floodwaters, with his shopping bag in the village of Thorney on the Somerset Levels, near Langport in south west England January 31, 2014.

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