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Tagged With Square

The Quest To Kill Cash: How Peer-To-Peer Payments Apps Are Improving The Way We Pay

A new report from BI Intelligence looks at the potential of mobile peer-to-peer payments services.

Consolidation Is Coming To The Mobile Payments Industry

Paypal's acquisition of Braintree is the first in a wave of consolidation to come.

PayPal's Offline Play

eBay-owned PayPal is putting together an...

Sick Of Horrible Software, This Wine Store Owner Decided To Build His Own Sales System, And Now He's Fighting Square And Groupon

Jason Richelson and his co-founder launched...

Here's Why There's Virtually No Ceiling To The Mobile Payments Opportunity

NFC technology is facing new competitors.

Square Figured Out Which US Cities Had The Most Generous Tippers

Tipping is a tricky business. Between waiters...

These Are The Digital Payments Companies Operating In Australia That Will Worry The Major Banks

A new breed of competitors.

This Map Shows What A Haircut Costs Around The US

Not all haircuts are priced equally. According...

Report: Square IPO 'Unlikely' In 2014

The company is valued at $US5 billion on the private market.

Square Acquires Appointment Booking Startup BookFresh

For now, BookFresh and Square will operate separately.

Square Tests New App For Ordering Food Ahead

The faster food gets to you, the better.

Square Is Giving Some Businesses Thousands Of Dollars

This is an interesting move by Square.

Saudi Arabia Investors Expected To Take $US200 Million Stake In Square -- Now Valued At $US5 Billion

Square's valuation is now about $US5 billion.

Bitcoin Update: The Latest On The Crash, Legal Issues, And Innovation

New developments in Bitcoin.

Mobile Payments Are Poised To Take Off In The US

The US still lags other countries.

The Telecom That Developed M-Pesa Is Boxing Competitors Out Of The Mobile Money Market

Safaricom isn't allowing competitors to use its money transfer agencies.

The Game Store Owner Who Blogged About Being Screwed By Square Got His Money Back

Although he got his money back, this small business owner still doesn't feel good about the whole affair.

This Game Store Owner Says Square Screwed Him Over

"They failed to build a robust customer service department or even a reliable way to communicate well with their own merchants."

Square And Whole Foods Team Up To Speedup Checkouts

Square and Whole Foods team-up.

Whole Foods Teams Up With Square To Help You Ditch Long Lines

Less time waiting in lines? Can't complain.

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