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Tagged With Square

Amazon Might Launch Its Own Square-Competitor In August

Amazon may soon launch its own credit card...

Square's Controversial Cash Advance Program Is Funding 10,000 Merchants

Payments startup Square has been piloting a new...


The way we pay is changing.

The Biggest Opportunity In Mobile Payments Isn't The Mobile Wallet

Apps like Venmo are going to be huge.

Payment Hardware Companies Are Pivoting To Deflect The Threat From Mobile Card Reader Startups

Ingenico is rebranding to focus on non-hardware services.

The Quest To Kill Cash: New Apps Are Finally Getting People To Abandon The ATM

Peer-to-peer payments are the last type of transaction still largely conducted with cash.

Mobile Card Readers Have All But Cut Off Growth For Payment Terminal Companies In Developed Markets

Growth will come almost exclusively from emerging markets where local competitors have distinct advantages.

This Week In Payments News: A Big Surprise From Square

Dogged by concerns over profitability, Square makes an unexpected pivot.

Square Might Be Making More On Transaction Fees Than Anybody Thought

New disclosures suggest hope for Square.

Mobile Disruption Isn't Killing Off The Market For Traditional Checkout Registers -- Yet

Legacy payment terminal shipments will grow to 35 million by 2015.

Square CEO Jack Dorsey Just Published An Email Scolding Employees For Name-Dropping Him To Get Their Projects Approved

If you work in a big company, name-dropping the...

Square's High-Profile Deal With Starbucks Lost It $US25 Million Last Year

Less than two years ago, Square signed a...

The Real Reason Square Pulled Its Wallet App

Square signals a sharp change in direction.

Jack Dorsey's Payment Startup Square Tries To Reinvent The Receipt

Last January, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of the...

A New Crop Of Apps Could Finally Convert People To Mobile Payments

Venmo saw $US314 million in transaction volume over its app last quarter.

Square Killed One Of Its Best Apps And Is Launching A Seamless Competitor Instead

Square is cutting its Wallet app and will focus on a new order-ahead app called Square Order going forward.

Board Member: 'Square Has Not Once Tried To Sell Itself These Past Few Months'

Mobile payments startup Square did not try to...

A New Kind Of Payments App Could Solve A Whole Bunch Of Problems With The Cash Economy

P2P apps could be a way to get people to adopt mobile payments more broadly.

The IPO Market For Billion-Dollar Tech Companies Is 'Disappearing'

Once a company has taken a bunch of funding at a massive valuation, investors options for getting that return on their dollars becomes sharply limited.

Apple's IBeacon Is Gaining Momentum

iBeacon technology continues to gain incremental adoption.

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