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Tagged With Social Commerce

Social Commerce Is About More Than Driving Up Immediate Conversions

Social is a much bigger retail driver when looking at the complete purchase funnel.

THE SOCIAL-COMMERCE REPORT: Social Networks Are Driving More Online Sales And Influencing Offline Purchases

Facebook is the clear leader for social-commerce referrals and sales.

Facebook Is Emerging As A Huge Engine For Driving E-Commerce Traffic And Purchases

Facebook is growing in the triple-digits in terms of the number of e-commerce orders it generates.

THE SOCIAL-COMMERCE REPORT: Social Networks Are Driving More Online Sales And Influencing Offline Purchases

Social commerce sales grew at three times the rate of overall e-commerce sales last year.

A New Partnership Shows Why Pinterest Is So Important For Retailers

Pinterest is about discovery and inspiration -- and now, turning that into direct sales.

This Is How Retailers Are Using Social Media In Stores To Drive Sales

Facebook influences 30% of American women when deciding what professional clothing to buy

Pinterest Is The Best Example Of Social Media's Real Role In The 'Purchase Funnel'

Pinterest is about discovery and inspiration.

Here's How Retailers Are Really Using Social Media To Boost Sales

The key is reaching consumers on social earlier in the purchase funnel.

How Retailers And E-Commerce Sites Are Driving Sales By Getting More Social 

Social retail isn't about tracking conversion rates.

How Social Commerce Is Winning By Going After The Entire Shopping Experience

Social commerce isn't about tracking conversion rates.

Here's Why Snapchat Actually Has A Very Clear Path To Success As An Ad-Driven Business

Snapchat has a user base and level of engagement that make it difficult to dismiss.

You Can Tell Your Facebook Friends What You Want Them To Buy You On Amazon

Never get a bad gift again.

Social Commerce Is Far From Dead, It's Building A Whole New Approach To Shopping

Social commerce goes beyond the simple click-to-buy model.

Here's Why The Idea Of Getting Brand Content To Go Viral Is So Enticing, And So Hard To Accomplish

The real reasons 'earned media' is hard to come by.

Here's Why Marketing On Pinterest Actually Helps E-Commerce, Brands, And Retailers Drive Sales

Pinterest is poised to become a real sales driver.

These Four Trends Explain Why Social Media Is Finally Getting Shoppers To Buy Things, Online And In-Store

Hard data behind the rise of the social shopper.

Pinterest Is Powering A Huge Amount Of Social Commerce, And Twitter Isn't Too Shabby Either

Pinterest now accounts for 23% of social media-triggered e-commerce sales.

Brand Presence: How To Choose Where To Be On Social Media, Without Breaking Your Budget

Being everywhere isn't always the best strategy.

5 Charts That Show How Mobile And Social Media Are Taking Over Commerce

Hard data behind the rise of social commerce.

For Online Video, Social Media Is The New Hit-Maker And Virtual Remote Control Rolled Into One

Viral hits are determined by social media.

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