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Tagged With Pinterest

THE SOCIAL-COMMERCE REPORT: Social Networks Are Driving More Online Sales And Influencing Offline Purchases

Social commerce sales grew at three times the rate of e-commerce sales last year.

INSTAGRAM DEMOGRAPHICS: The Top Statistics That Make The App's Audience So Attractive To Brands

Instagram is the premier social network for young users.

Here Are The Top Places You Need To Visit In The US

According to Pinterest users.

7 New Statistics About Facebook Users That Reveal Why It's Such A Powerful Marketing Platform


Pinterest Accidentally Sent Emails To Single Women Congratulating Them On Getting Married

Pinterest has long been used by some women to...

THE SOCIAL-MEDIA DEMOGRAPHICS REPORT: Differences In Gender, Age, And Income At The Top Networks

Facebook still lags among men. Twitter is becoming more male-centric.

10 Things In Advertising You Need To Know Today

1. Pinterest launched a new analytics platform...

SOCIAL BIG DATA: The Different Types Of Data Each Social Network Is Collecting To Understand Users And Target Ads

Social networks are used for very different purposes and this informs the data users provide on themselves

Facebook's Unique Demographics Explain Why It's Such A Powerful Marketing Platform

Facebook has the most users, but it's still a pretty young platform.

SOCIAL BIG DATA: The Different Types Of User Data Collected By Each Major Social Network

What each social network is doing with big data.

Like The Rest Of The US Tech Industry, Pinterest Has Terrible Staff Diversity Numbers

Pin this.

Publicis CEO Blames Failed Omnicom Merger For Low Earnings [THE BRIEF]

Publicis reported low numbers in its...

The 10 Best Ice Cream Shops In The US, According To Pinterest Users

No summer is complete without a good ice cream...

A New Partnership Shows Why Pinterest Is So Important For Retailers

Pinterest is about discovery and inspiration -- and now, turning that into direct sales.

SOCIAL BIG DATA: Each Social Network Is Using A Very Different Data Lens To Understand Users And Target Advertising

Advertisers have different ways of segmenting users depending on what social network they're working with and the data collected.

This Is What 2014's Social Networks Would Have Looked Like In 1997

It was a simpler time. Moviegoers lined up to...

This Is How Retailers Are Using Social Media In Stores To Drive Sales

Facebook influences 30% of American women when deciding what professional clothing to buy

GALLUP: Advertising On Facebook And Twitter Barely Even Works

A new survey from Gallup suggests that social...

Pinterest Could Be The Latest Tech Company Pushing People Out Of Their Homes

Online scrap booking site Pinterest has signed...

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