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Tagged With Pinterest

Meet The Female Pinterest Engineer Who Is A Master Programmer

This 27-years-old is one of the top engineers in Silicon Valley.

YouTube's Young Audience Is Making It A Major Rival To TV

YouTube is more popular for watching videos than Hulu or ESPN among millennials

The Demographics That Make LinkedIn's Audience So Valuable To Businesses

LinkedIn is actually more popular than Twitter among U.S. adults.

Pinterest Is Growing Up In A Big Way

Valuation has swelled to $US5 billion.

REVEALED: The Top Demographic Trends For Every Major Social Network

Facebook still skews significantly female.

THE SOCIAL-COMMERCE REPORT: Social Networks Are Driving More Online Sales And Influencing Offline Purchases

Facebook is the clear leader for social-commerce referrals and sales.

Pinterest's Demographics Mean It Could Become The Next Monster Social Advertising Platform

An ideal audience platform for brands and retailers.

The Most Powerful Millennials In Tech

Impressive accomplishments.

The Most Popular Last-Minute Halloween Make-Up Ideas, According To Pinterest

Struggling to decide what to be for Halloween...

THE SOCIAL-MEDIA DEMOGRAPHICS REPORT: The Unique Audience Profile Of Every Social Network

The surprising identity of each major social network.

Pinterest Is Continuing To Roll Out More Ads -- Here's What It Looks Like For Businesses

It looks like Pinterest is one step closer to...

The Most Popular DIY Halloween Costumes This Year, According To Pinterest

Halloween season is officially here, and some...

A Guy Who Led Monetization At Facebook Thinks Pinterest Will Smoke His Former Company And Google

A few of Facebook's former monetization execs have joined Pinterest.

Tumblr Has Emerged As The Most Teen-Centric Social Network

Tumblr is the most teen-centric social network.

11 Things You Didn't Know You Could Use Pinterest For

More than just content sharing.

Facebook, Pinterest, And Box Join Forces To Close Tech's Gender Gap

The tech industry still has a long way to go in...

Check Out Pinterest's Gorgeous, Artsy Offices, That Will Make You Want To Craft Something

Pinterest, the photo-based social network with...

Facebook Is Emerging As A Huge Engine For Driving E-Commerce Traffic And Purchases

Facebook is growing in the triple-digits in terms of the number of e-commerce orders it generates.

Pinterest Is About To Start Acting A Lot More Like Facebook

The website is battling for ad dollars.

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