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Tagged With Pinterest

This Is How The Top Social Networks Think About Their Users -- And Why It Matters

These are the different graphs that underlie how the major social network organise user activity.

Here's How Retailers Are Really Using Social Media To Boost Sales

The key is reaching consumers on social earlier in the purchase funnel.

Native In-Stream Ads Will Soon Dominate Social Media Advertising

Mobile is a big part of the shift to native social ads.

These 13 Gorgeous Workspaces Will Convince You To Ditch The Office And Work From Home

You can still keep the PJs on.

Social Networks Are Finally Putting Their User Data To Work

Facebook's "like" button is pressed 2.7 billion times every day across the web.

Here's Why Pinterest's New Ads Could Draw In A Lot Brands

Pinterest's demographics are likely to draw in brands.

Hackers Are Flooding Pinterest With Weight Loss Ads And Butts

Pinterest users: Beware. A hack is spreading...

How Retailers And E-Commerce Sites Are Driving Sales By Getting More SocialĀ 

Social retail isn't about tracking conversion rates.

Meet Pinterest's Rockstar Women Engineers

It's no secret that there are fewer women than...

The Native Ad Rush Is On, And Social Media Is Leading The Charge

Native advertising will soon dominate social media ad budgets.

Pinterest Wants To Sell Ads For $US2 Million

Pinterest's first advertising product isn't...

Meet The Pinterest Engineer Who Runs 50-Mile Road Races For Fun

Working as an engineer at a high-profile tech...

Pinterest Will Begin To Fill Up With Paid Advertising As Early As Q4

In an analyst note about Facebook's advertising...

It Looks Like Pinterest Wants To Start Running More Ads

Prepare to start seeing more ads in your Pinterest stream.

SOCIAL BIG DATA: Each Social Network Is Using A Very Different Data Lens To Understand And Target Users

Each social network has a different way of understanding and targeting users.

13 Things You Didn't Know Guys Were Doing On Pinterest

It's more than you might have thought.

How Social Commerce Is Winning By Going After The Entire Shopping Experience

Social commerce isn't about tracking conversion rates.

Social Media Demographics: The Surprising Identity Of Each Major Social Network

Each social network is completely different in terms of age, gender, and income breakdowns, and when users post.

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