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Tagged With Design

This Futuristic Looking 3D-Printed Cast Could Finally Make Having A Broken Arm Look Cool

A new 3D-printed cast uses an ultrasound device to make your broken bone heal faster.

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Get out of the office.

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Last year, 31-year-old Alek Lisefski was...

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Fast-growing brain-training app Lumosity has...

Tencent Is Building A Stunning New 'Vertical Campus' In China

As companies like Google and Apple make plans...

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The world's most viral door.

7 Philosophies That Have Made Apple Designer Jony Ive A Legend

Sir Jony Ive has led Apple's design team since...

A Stun Gun Drone Designed To Incapacitate Criminals Is The Scariest Thing At SXSW

Chaotic Moon Studios is a startup in Austin, TX...

The World's Most Stunning Cemeteries

People travel the world for all kinds of...

A Los Angeles Architect Has Completely Reinvented The Office Desk

Work on or under.

This Regenerating Candle Is Simply Brilliant

Twitter Is Testing A Redesign That Looks A Lot Like Facebook

Making Twitter easier.

Tech Startups Will Go Crazy For This Futuristic Campus In Silicon Valley

How LEGO Came Back From The Brink Of Bankruptcy

All but extinct 10 years ago.

An Austrian Artist Has Completely Reinvented The Door


This $US164,000 Watch Looks Like A Shiny Spacecraft For Your Wrist

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