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Tagged With AirBnB

Airbnb Host: A Guest Is Squatting In My Condo And I Can't Get Him To Leave

Eviction could take six months.

This OKCupid-Meets-Airbnb Startup Wants You To Be On Its Reality Show

Have you dreamed of being on a reality dating...

Airbnb Fined $US40,000 In Spain For Short-Term Room Rentals

MADRID (Reuters) - The region of Catalonia...

Thousands Of Tech Company Employees Showed Their Support At San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade

This weekend marked the 44th annual LGBT Pride...

Wearables Could Be The Next Technology To Transform The Travel Industry

Travel + Leisure named some of their favourite new wearable travel products at CES.

One Of The Top Public University Systems In The World May Ban Employees From Using Uber, Airbnb, And Lyft

Companies in the sharing economy just can't...

An Airbnb Host Got Drunk And Let Himself Into The House While A Business Insider Employee Was Sleeping

A terrifying experience.

This Startup Promises To Maximise Profit On Your Airbnb Posting

With the surging popularity of apps like...

Airbnb Wants You To Throw Dinner Parties For Your Guests

Airbnb, a San Francisco startup that has grown...

VOTE NOW: Help Us Choose The World's Best Design Schools

Design has never been more important.

Airbnb Will Help You Grab A Seat At A Stranger's Dinner Table

Airbnb has made its name finding users...

17 Tough Questions You Might Hear During An Airbnb Job Interview

Airbnb, the company that lets people rent their...

Airbnb Has Banned Thousands And Thousands Of People For Throwing Wild Parties In Rentals

Airbnb has gotten some bad press recently, with...

Brazilian Soccer Legend Ronaldinho Is Renting His House In Rio For $US15,000 A Night During The World Cup

Ronaldinho, the 34-year-old Brazilian...

New York's Attorney General Is Getting His Hands On Airbnb's Records

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has...

Tripping, The Kayak Of Vacation Rentals, Just Closed Its Series A Funding Round

This investment is one of the largest in the travel space this year.

Smartphones Have Become The Essential Travel Companion -- And That's Creating Major Disruption In The Travel Industry

Airbnb just launched a mobile-friendly feature allowing users to instantly book day-of or next-day lodging.

Judge Tosses AirBNB Subpoena, New York Attorney General Vows To Crush Company Anyway

New York State Attorney General Eric...

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