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What's Happening In Briefing

Tens Of Millions Of People Are Already Watching These Super Bowl Ads

More than 115 Super Bowl ads or teasers have already been posted to YouTube so far.

People Are Summarising Movies On Twitter Using The Hashtag #ReWriteAFilmIn5Words -- And It's Hilarious

Imagine if all movies came with these descriptions.

Stanford Ex-student Denies Raping Woman Outside A Fraternity

(Reuters) - A member of the Stanford University...

Julie Bishop: Tony Abbott's Chance At Recovery Lies In His National Press Club Speech On Monday

Monday could be his chance at a comeback.

Sometimes I Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night And Can't Move -- Here's Why

BI Answers: What is "sleep paralysis?"

Tim Cahill On The Asian Cup Final: This Is Everything

Doing it for the kids.

A California Bank's Decision Could Have Huge Ramifications In Somalia

California-based Merchants Bank is ceasing its...

4 Behaviours Are The Most Reliable Predictors Of Divorce

The four horsemen of the apocalypse.

The Season 5 Trailer For 'Game Of Thrones' Has Leaked

Winter is coming.

James Hird May Take The ASADA-AFL Anti-Doping Case To The High Court

...around and around she goes and where she stops nobody knows.

Bali Nine Duo Hope Hand-Written Letters Will Save Them From Execution

Last-ditch efforts.

Here Are The Extravagant Rings Given To Super Bowl Champions Over The Years

Football teams playing in the Super Bowl drop...

Here's What It Was Like To Get High With Jeb Bush

A new profile of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush...

Ebola Is Still Around Because Some Communities Are Resisting Help

West Africa will be lucky to wipe out Ebola...

Business Insider Is Hiring A Release Manager

Business Insider is looking to expand its...

The Amazing Reward All Shake Shack Employees Got Today

Shake Shack employees have reason to celebrate...

A Jetblue Airbus Jet Nearly Collided With Another Plane At A New York Airport

A Jetblue airliner was nearly involved in a...

Here's Why Marshawn Lynch Wears A Crazy-looking Mask Before Games

Before the Super Bowl kicks off on Sunday, you...

This Is What Happens When Magnus Carlsen Takes On His Closest Rival In Chess

The Tata Steel chess tournament, held in the...

The Judge Was Brutal On The Venezuelan Financier Who Ran The Biggest Ponzi Scheme In Connecticut History

FA Insights is a daily newsletter from Business...

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