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What's Happening

15 Jarring Ads That Will Keep You From Texting And Driving

It's worse than drinking and driving.

15 Recent Ads That Glorify Sexual Violence Against Women


AD OF THE DAY: The Most Beautiful Love Story We've Ever Seen In 85 Seconds

And it's only 85 seconds long.

Volkswagen's New Safety Ad Will Make You Jump

Emotional advertising works.

AD OF THE DAY: Old Spice Makes Its Weirdest Ad Yet

Terry Crews is back for more insanity.

Mercedes' Simplistic Yet Jarring Ad Will Convince You To Never Text And Drive Again

"Get the message?"

AD OF THE DAY: This Cutesy Oreo Commercial Is Strangely Transfixing

With a song by Owl City, it's guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

LivingSocial's 'Pistol Instruction & Tequila Tasting' Deals Draw Protests

"Shootin + Drinkin': AK47, AR15, Pistols, Food + Beer."

How The Late-Night Debauchery At 'Club Applebee's' Helped Boost Its Stock

Most people don't know "Club 'Bees" even exists.

AD OF THE DAY: Wilco Drummer Plays Motown On Kitchen Faucets


Here's How Rich You'd Be If You'd Bought Apple Stock Instead Of Its Gadgets

These hypotheticals will make you cringe.

AD OF THE DAY: Heineken's Rugby Ball Leads A Chase Through A French Village

Very, very charming.

AD OF THE DAY: Old Spock Vs. New Spock In Audi-Mercedes Race

Totally charming.

A Lot Of People Hate Diet Coke's New 'Skinny' Vending Machine

Do these machines represent women's bodies?

AD OF THE DAY: Lexus' 11-Foot, 3D-Printed Puppet Fights Depression And Finds Love

It takes five puppeteers to bring it to life.

AD OF THE DAY: This Miniature Universe Of Clockwork Watch Parts Is Incredibly Beautiful

We'll never look at a cog the same way again.

Lowe's Uses Vine For Simple Lifehacks And It's Absolutely Brilliant

It just nailed the marketing medium.

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