An Australian advisory firm wants to target Asian tech startups for ASX listings

Ari Klinger, co-founder, Right Click Capital

Australian advisory firm Right Click Capital is planning to target mid-tier Asian technology companies seeking B-series funding and ASX listings via a 50-50 joint venture with US investment bank Siemer & Associates.

Right Click co-founder Ari Klinger said the ideal customer is looking to raise at least $10 million from venture capital or have an exit; and have valuation between $20 million and $200 million. He hopes to fill a gap in the market

“If you’re a $30 million company those big investment banks aren’t going to be particularly interested in talking to you,” Klinger says.

Siemer & Associates has offices in Singapore, London and LA and has a government-funded incubator in Singapore.

Right Click Capital’s will continue to invest in early stage tech companies in Australia, with the joint venture operating separately.

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